Theofani B.

Posted By: reflex on Feb 17, 2011 in Testimonials

Service: Reflexology, Nutrition Counseling Treatment: Lower Back Pain The experience that I’ve had with the natural treatment of reflexology has changed my life drastically.  From a person who has constantly endured pain of the lower back it’s prevented from doing activities that would keep me in shape.  This treatment has given me the opportunity not …

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Nevena P.

Posted By: reflex on Feb 15, 2011 in Testimonials

Antoinette has a gift – let her share it with you! From the very first session, Antoinette gives you ‘the personal touch’. She makes sure she works with you and your body to align with your unique physical and emotional needs. My weekly reflexology sessions have become cherished times in my busy schedule, helping me …

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George M.

Posted By: reflex on Feb 08, 2011 in Testimonials

For quite some time I’ve suffered with headaches, poor blood flow to my feet, and sinus congestion and accepted this as the norm. After just a few Reflexology sessions with Antoinette I’ve noticed that my headaches are completely gone, my feet are now warm and not cold all the time and I haven’t had any …

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Anastasia B.

Posted By: reflex on Feb 08, 2011 in Testimonials

Service: Weight Loss Coaching I Have been on Herbalife for about 4 months now and I have lost over 15 pounds and ____ inches. Not only have I lost weight, but i have loads of energy and boy do I need lots of energy with my new baby! My Skin, hair and nails are getting …

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Froso E.

Posted By: reflex on Feb 07, 2011 in Testimonials

I have had a great experience with Antoinette and reflexology. I had sever asthma and arthritis in my knees and at the end of our sessions I could breathe easier, and didnt have to use my asthma puffer as much as I use to. The aches in my knees have also disappeared, but from time …

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Anna E.K.

Posted By: reflex on Feb 05, 2011 in Testimonials

I am writing to inform you about the wonderful experience I have had being a client of Antoinette Christofi for the past several months. Her knowledge and expertise in the area of reflexology has made me more aware of this wonderful treatment and as a result has persuaded me to continue having treatments on a …

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Mary M.

Posted By: reflex on Feb 03, 2011 in Testimonials

I wanted to thank-you for the wonderful reflexology treatments that I received in your care. Your manner is both professional and comforting and I always knew that I was in good hands. Just moments into a treatment I felt my body and mind relax and all my stress disappear. I truly believe that I have …

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Becky K.

Posted By: reflex on Feb 03, 2011 in Testimonials

Reflexology is one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had. It has helped in decreasing frequency/severity of my headaches and taken me to an outer-body experience. It has been a great way to decrease stress and I look forward to every visit!

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Agapi T.

Posted By: reflex on Jan 31, 2011 in Testimonials

Service: Reflexology Treatment: Blood Pressure I am a total believer. My job is very stressful as well I have blood pressure and constant constipation. I also get really intense pain in my knees and bad swelling in my ankles. I have now been going for my reflexology session for 7 weeks and I can tell …

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Joanna T.

Posted By: reflex on Jan 31, 2011 in Testimonials

Antoinette worked on my daughter Joanna (who was a preemie) and I am so pleased to say that my daughter loved every minute. As a preemie my daughter has always been small for her age, as well my daughter has been picky with eating habits and after a couple of sessions we noticed our daughter …

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